The University of Wisconsin-Superior chapter of Young Americans for Freedom invited speaker Matt Walsh to campus on Wednesday, April 27th. As expected, it drew controversy from the same woke left that claims to celebrate diversity.

For those unfamiliar with Walsh, the commentator frequently tours campuses to share his take on the woke liberal narrative. Walsh, along with his counterpart Ben Shapiro from the Daily Wire, spar with attendees on a host of current events including free markets and the threat of socialism. Recently, Walsh’s stance on biology and intersectionality has drawn fire from the LGBTQ community. A sample of Walsh’s work can be seen here on YouTube.

Opponents of the YAF event first met with campus administrators in an attempt to ban the session on campus property, as reported on Additionally, leftists pushed a petition to ‘Demand UWS to relocate Matt Walsh Event”. As of this writing, the petition garnered 187 signatures.

Credit to the University for rejecting the demands of the leftists and allowing the event to remain on campus. UWS released the following statement:

“While we understand that some may find Mr. Walsh’s views offensive, universities – especially public institutions legally bound by the first amendment – must welcome free speech and the expression of opposing views. University administrators have been working directly with students to ensure they are educated and equipped to engage in civil discourse.”