Free Speech vs. Hate Speech

Gapske hides from her record

As the eve of another big election nears, the good people of Northwest Wisconsin sift through various outlets trying made sound decisions on who will lead our fine state.  With much at stake, candidates will often align their message to reflect the sentiment of voters in their respective districts.  When candidates’ values differ with majority of their voters, they’re often tempted to scrub their past and fudge a bit on their positions.

Case in point;  73rd Assembly candidate Laura Gapske’s dodge on critical constitutional issues.  Gapske’s home is the traditionally liberal city of Superior, a blue bubble that might mimic Madison, Minneapolis or neighboring Duluth politically.  In reality the toss-up 73rd assembly district also includes conservative republican counties of Washburn and Burnett.  Even the outlying rural areas of southern Douglas county trend red.  Guns and God are more favorable messages than defunding the police or promoting transgender bathrooms.  Running as an AOC-light in Trump country is still a risky proposition politically.

This puts Gapske and her record in a pickle.  While she might mean well, her values and actions are counter to the majority of her district.  Northland Freedom Alliance supports the fundamentals of our constitution including free speech, even if we don’t agree with that speech.  When Laura Gapske pickets with signs declaring ‘YOUR FREE SPEECH IS HATE SPEECH’ that sounds serious alarms.  When Laura Gapske pickets Hobby Lobby due to the owners’ religious beliefs, her actions raise concerns about her discontent of religious liberties, especially of those who consider themselves Christian. 

Where would legislator Laura Gapske fall on the issue of the 2nd Amendment?  She hasn’t told us, other than that she enjoys the outdoors and fishing.  Patriots understand the 2nd Amendment was not established to hunt deer or turkey.  The 2nd Amendment is about liberty against a threat of tyranny.  If Gapske’s democrat counterparts’ positions are any indication, it’s likely she would be open to a host of restrictions on legal gun ownership. 

On the fundamental issue of life and state’s rights, Gapske is also on the wrong side of truth.  Last summer, the United States Supreme Court’s controversial Dobbs decision acknowledged the conflict of Roe v. Wade and the 10th Amendment to the constitution.  The SCOTUS decision shifted the issue of abortion back to the states.  Important debates on this topic will occur in the upcoming state legislatures.

Polling and sentiment is quite clear on this topic.  The majority of voters support exceptions to abortion bans in the case of rape, incest or life of the mother.  But as earlier reported by NFA, these instances are extremely rare.  Abortion of pregnancies due to rape and incest account for less than 1% of procedures.  On the flip side, a comprehensive study from Stanford Medicine shows that the majority of children born at or after 24 weeks of pregnancy can survive.  Medical advances have greatly increased the chances of saving children of traditionally risky pregnancies.    The need for late-term and partial birth abortions has significantly diminished. The majority of voters also support restrictions on this barbaric procedure unless the life of the mother is at risk. 

Gapske support no restrictions.  In a recent interview, Gapske admits that late term abortions aren’t common, yet she won’t go on the record to claim they should be outlawed, restricted to 20 or 24 weeks or allowed only in rare instances of danger to the mother’s life.

But her biggest supporters clearly have a strong agenda.  The nations largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, endorsed Gaspke along with 25th State Senate Candidate Kelly Westlund.  Gapske touted the endorsement on social media as ‘great’ and ‘exciting’.   Safe to say, Planned Parenthood’s position is a mirror of Laura Gapske’s position.

Planned Parenthood’s record is clear; they have vehemently opposed any restrictions on abortion including late-term and partial-birth.  In exchange for access to the abortion market, PP is the recipient of our tax dollars via the politicians they help to elect.  It is an unholy and immoral alliance between the abortion industry and politicians in charge of our tax dollars.  No wonder Laura Gapske would tow the line for Planned Parenthood and expand their reach if elected to the Wisconsin Assembly.  Gapske’s position is to allow Planned Parenthood to perform abortions on-demand, regardless of the mother and child’s health, viability or term in pregnancy. 

Gapske continually diminishes the issue by claiming late-term abortions are rare and not performed in Northern Wisconsin, therefore voters have nothing to worry about.  True, Planned Parenthood does not operate in the 73rd  Assembly district (they do have offices in Duluth and Eau Claire), but it’s no mystery that Planned Parenthood’s endorsement comes with the promise of expanded no-questions-asked abortions in rural Wisconsin.  Textbook quid pro quo. 

The same can be said for many of her far-left endorsers.  Gapske touts the support of the anti-police socialist group People’s Action.  The radical group shapes the platform of other far-left politician including U.S. Senate candidate Mandela Barnes and congresswoman Ilhan Omar of the ‘squad’. People’s Action, and by extension Laura Gapske, seeks to “Reverse the policies that have led to the militarization of the police” and claims “Our current system of mass incarceration was built on racism.” People’s Action’s position is a mirror of Laura Gapske’s position.

While Wisconsinites struggle with record inflation, high food, gasoline and propane prices, bedfellows of both candidates Gapske and Westlund strive to block affordable domestic energy production. Far-left environmental groups the Sierra Club and Clean Wisconsin have repeatedly sued to stop the construction of a new $700 million clean energy natural gas plant in Superior called the Nemadji Trail Energy Center.   Developers expect the project will create 260 union jobs.  Ironically, many area unions have endorsed Gapske and Westlund despite their opposition to this massive union project.  Clean Wisconsin’s anti-energy position that leads to higher electrical rates and rising gas prices is a mirror of Laura Gapske’s position.

In the same Drydenwire interview, Gapske closed by suggesting if she loses this race, it will be in part due to gerrymandering.  This is a sentiment often cried by far-left candidates running in rural America, and conversely by right-wing candidates running in urban centers.  Politicians and legislators run to win, and in order to win, they need to reflect the values of the majority of voters.  They mustn’t make excuses for views that are in clear contrast with those they attempt to represent, and trying to hiding their record only works for so long.  Politicians like Laura Gapske might fair well in representing San Francisco or New York City, but she will likely struggle to connect to the average Midwesterner in Northern Wisconsin.