Gun Ban Alert!

Incumbent Congressman Tom Tiffany and his democrat challenger Dick Ausman squared off on a host of issues at a recent debate hosted by students of Lakeland Union High School in Minocqua.

The expansive 7th Congressional District is considered ‘safe Republican’.  That didn’t stop the newcomer from throwing bombs and accusations throughout the evening.  The clearly agitated Ausman, donning his signature Hawaiian shirt, spent most of him time clenching the podium and shouting into the microphone while occasionally stepping back to roll his eyes.  His naivety on subject matter even incited the candidates to follow up with an awkward op-ed in the Wausau Pilot and Review to clean up his lackluster performance.

Perhaps Dick Ausman’s biggest constitution conundrum is on the issue of our second amendment.  Ausman tows the left-wing line on firearm restrictions and outright bans. 

At the 22:47 mark of the debate available HERE, Ausman outlines the framework of his gun control plan, including:

#1 “We don’t need more than 5 bullets in a clip

~Dick Ausman, Democrat WI Congressional Candidate

Responsible gun owners obviously see the problem with Ausman’s plan.  This extreme ban on clip capacity would make our most common handguns illegal.  Collectors, target shooters and those seeking personal defense have responsibly relied on their Glocks, Smith & Wesson, Taurus or other popular firearms for decades.  Even the amazing 1911 pistol with over a century of history would be on Ausman’s ‘banned’ list. 

Defenders of freedom beware.  Taking rights away from law-abiding citizens does not make our communities more safe.  The constant erosion of those rights are on the ballot at the local, state and national level.  Be informed. Be engaged.  Don’t give up the fight for liberty.