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The Battle for Free and Fair Elections

Northland Freedom Alliance has chosen a mission to strengthen our communities through the freedoms prescribed in the Bill of Rights.   We acknowledge that many of our supporters wish NFA would take a more active role in the battle surrounding election integrity.  It isn’t that we aren’t aware of these issues, don’t take them seriously or […]

Pro-Life movement under attack

Last June, the US Supreme Court’s landmark Dobbs v. Jackson decision returned the debate of abortion back to the states.  Facing an unenthused base, record inflation and poor polling numbers in President Biden, the court’s decision might have provided a lifeline to sinking Democrats in the upcoming midterms. The social debate regarding life and abortion […]

Voters will pick Sheriffs on August 9th

While the November 8th general election gains the bulk of attention with congressional midterms and key statewide positions on the ballot, the August 9th partisan primary will determine the top cop in many northland counties.  Four counties in the region will see contested primary races with candidates running on only one ticket.   That means the […]

Folks, Tony Evers has a freedom problem

A recent SCOTUS decision to return rulemaking on abortion back to the states (thank you 10th Amendment) puts the wedge issue back on the table for the upcoming midterm elections. For liberal Governor Tony Evers, this means amplifying the pro-abortion message in an attempt to rally Planned Parenthood and other political friends. Evers and democrats […]