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It’s all on the line in 2023

If we were to sum up the recent November election in one word, a proper description might be a ‘tie’.  Conservatives by-in-large failed to get their much anticipated ‘red wave’.  Wisconsin Republicans picked up a few legislative seats and retained Ron Johnson’s U.S. Senate seat but failed to knock off Governor Evers and AG Josh […]

Gun Ban Alert!

Incumbent Congressman Tom Tiffany and his democrat challenger Dick Ausman squared off on a host of issues at a recent debate hosted by students of Lakeland Union High School in Minocqua. The expansive 7th Congressional District is considered ‘safe Republican’.  That didn’t stop the newcomer from throwing bombs and accusations throughout the evening.  The clearly […]

The Battle for Free and Fair Elections

Northland Freedom Alliance has chosen a mission to strengthen our communities through the freedoms prescribed in the Bill of Rights.   We acknowledge that many of our supporters wish NFA would take a more active role in the battle surrounding election integrity.  It isn’t that we aren’t aware of these issues, don’t take them seriously or […]

Pro-Life movement under attack

Last June, the US Supreme Court’s landmark Dobbs v. Jackson decision returned the debate of abortion back to the states.  Facing an unenthused base, record inflation and poor polling numbers in President Biden, the court’s decision might have provided a lifeline to sinking Democrats in the upcoming midterms. The social debate regarding life and abortion […]