Activism Gets Local

Activism Gets Local

A new curiosity is sweeping across much of the country.  It hasn’t caught the radar of the corporate media world, or if it has, they refuse to acknowledge it. In northern Wisconsin and beyond, people are quietly gathering in halls, backyard BBQs, churches and taverns. Call it a political revival, a rebirth or awakening. The look on participants’ faces shows fear and angst but rarely amounts to outbursts or shouting. They aren’t the ‘mob’ opponents often make them out as.

Most of the gatherings have commonalities. Meetings start out in prayer and reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance. A strong spiritual connection is prevalent. Attendees are mix of men and women from different professions. Some are white collar with advanced degrees. Others have just arrived from a long day’s work, their clothes still covered in dirt and grime. Some wear worn red MAGA hats. Many are decorated with United States Veteran insignia. Participants are a cross-section of the communities and small towns and villages they represent.

For the most part, they all want the same thing; to be left alone. They want an overbearing government off their back. They are tired of the onslaught of new rules and regulations that have crippled their businesses. They are tired of being lied to by unelected and unaccountable agencies in coordination with a complicit and ever-consolidating press. They despise the fact that dissenting opinion is now labeled ‘disinformation’ and is pulled from existence. They distrust anyone who claims to be a self-appointed ‘expert’. They are fearful that history is being rewritten and ignored and that atrocities of the past are bound to be repeated. 

On the surface, these small groups are a gathering of like-minds. Their numbers are growing, mostly through word-of-mouth, chats at the mailbox, or local diner. Their efforts are a bit of a whisper campaign. “Hey, a group of us have been meeting regularly. You should join us.” They gather and take turns ranting about the news of the day or the latest outlandish example of government overreach. Then talk turns to organizing. Assignments are given. Possible candidates are flushed out to take on the local town/county/school board member that has forgotten who they represent. They set the next meeting date, encourage the group to get a few more patriots to join and go about their life patiently waiting to turn the tide. 

One of the greatest legacies of President Barack Obama was is ability to harness the political landscape as a ‘community organizer.’ Regardless of his policies, his gift of putting together a massive grassroots coalition cannot be overlooked.  It swept in a new wave of leftist and socialists to the most local levels of government and once that groundwork was established, it allowed the left to reign down regulation from all levels of government.  Conservatives and champions of freedom are at a crossroad. They feel backed into a corner. Their government, media, and education systems have been overrun by socialists.  The once agnostic corporations are now woke. Their houses of worship now seem more secular than spiritual as to not offend. What are conservatives to do? Organize. Mobilize. Fight for freedom.