Virginia is for freedom lovers

Lessons for 2022

Touted as the bellwether of the midterms, the recent election results in Virginia and other parts of the nation may give freedom lovers a glimpse of hope.  Pundits and politicians will have a field day analyzing how long-shot gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin made up a massive gap to knock out entrenched liberal incumbent Terry McAuliffe.  Two points not to overlook:

  1. The far-left’s playbook of racial division has been exposed.  Parents are fed up with woke indoctrination, critical race theory and flippant unjustified and downright nasty name-calling “RACIST!” for the sake of political gain.  Virginia’s public education system had drifted into social indoctrination as emphasized by McAuliffe’s admittance “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”  This has been one of the worst kept secrets in past few decades.  The left wants more control over your everyday life including your rights and responsibilities as a parent.    Moms and Dads said “ENOUGH!” 
  2. Patriots and champions of freedom cannot be complacent.  The spinsters of CNN and MSNBC are sounding the alarm while talking heads on the right happy-dance with visions of massive gains next November.  Meanwhile, local governments quietly erode our liberties with little attention from the main stream media.  Defending freedom is a marathon.  A short-term victory was achieved in Virginia, but there are still many more miles in the race.