Healthcare Freedom resolution passes county board

Sawyer County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to approve the resolution “Denouncing Healthcare Choice Discrimination”.  This is a victory for citizens and at least a modest signal that the march towards unending tyranny does not have the consent of the governed and local governments. 

The resolution had failed to advance through the committee process due to lack of a support and failure of a second of the motion to introduce.  Supervisor Jesse Boettcher who brought the resolution forward to the full board (with the help of other sponsors) including Stacey Hessel who seconded the adoption and supported the resolution with her comments.  Hessel indicating that a grassroots effort such as this one would send a message not only to surrounding counties, but to the state as well. Supervisor James Schlenderer Jr. shared rousing comments on behalf of the resolution and for the concept of standing up for ideals and freedoms in our culture which ultimately define a generation who we are by what we will or will not allow. 

Watch a replay of this section of the meeting at this LINK to YouTube. After a relatively short point of discussion the vote was called and it carried unanimously.