Don’t Madison my Wisconsin

More election tricks in Dane County

While families across Wisconsin are preparing for Thanksgiving dinner, liberals in Madison are setting the table for voter suppression and fraud in the upcoming 2022 elections.

Per state law, election officials, also known as “Poll Workers” are selected by respective partisan political parties.  Both Democrats and Republicans are afforded a predetermined number of workers.  Poll workers MUST be selected from lists submitted by both parties with the remaining slots chosen at the discretion of the clerk from a list of workers with no party affiliation.  The deadline for political parties to turn in their lists of poll workers is November 30th.

Late Monday afternoon, the City of Madison declared a new edict REQUIRING election workers in the capital city to be vaccinated against Covid.  Given the previous tricks pulled by liberals in Madison, it leads one to believe this decree has been declared for the purpose of keeping vax-hesitant conservative poll workers at bay.  This would clear the path for the liberals who run the city to stack the deck of election workers, thus providing little to no election oversight for conservatives.

What’s next?  Requiring proof of vaccination to vote in person?