Legally cast your absentee ballot


The Northland Freedom Alliance NFP, Inc. believes educating the public regarding their voting rights for the upcoming elections is vital to election integrity.  Wisconsin laws clearly state that while voting is a constitutional right, voting by absentee ballot is a privilege. There has been significant confusion regarding the current state of the law and the use of drop boxes and ballot harvesting. Consequently, the NFA wishes to remind residents of the Northland that the recent Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling in Tiegen v. Wisconsin Election Commission prohibits the use of drop boxes for the upcoming elections on April 5, 2022.

If you wish to vote by absentee ballot, the only lawful methods for casting an absentee ballot are for a voter to 1) mail the ballot, 2) deliver the ballot in person to the municipal clerk, or 3) deposit it in a drop box specifically staffed by the clerk and located at the office of the clerk or a lawfully designated alternate site.

The use of unstaffed drop boxes and ballot harvesting is strictly prohibited in Wisconsin. If you want to make sure your vote is counted, you can vote in person on the day of the election, vote early at your local clerk’s office or polling place or if you wish to vote absentee, either mail or hand deliver your absentee ballot directly to the clerk’s office prior to the day of the election.

If you observe any election irregularities, you should immediately notify election officials on site, or in dire circumstances you can contact your local law enforcement.