Evil will never end until the day Jesus returns.

Every tragic shooting, we hear the same tired narrative from the left. We can lecture, coerce, discuss, share studies and facts, do an interpretive dance – it doesn’t matter.

Liberals want to take your guns and what better way to politicize a tragedy than to use it to spin their broken narrative they apply to everything: It’s for your safety.

Evil is everywhere – but the worst evil is inside a  human being who is a corrupt politician. A group of politicians form your government and if they are motivated by power, money and control – the evil they inflict is sadly far more tragic and far more widespread than any mass shooting. The tyranny created by an evil government is exactly why we must NEVER EVER allow anyone to destroy our Second Amendment.

But of course, we’re preaching to the choir. The fight is real. Stay ever vigilant. God bless the children, families and others whose lives were destroyed by evil last week in Texas. Your pain and loss is unimaginable.