Folks, Tony Evers has a freedom problem

A recent SCOTUS decision to return rulemaking on abortion back to the states (thank you 10th Amendment) puts the wedge issue back on the table for the upcoming midterm elections.

For liberal Governor Tony Evers, this means amplifying the pro-abortion message in an attempt to rally Planned Parenthood and other political friends. Evers and democrats are already plagued by President Biden’s poor polling numbers and crippling inflation.

A series of recent Evers’ fundraising pitched claim “My opponents want to take away our freedom”.  Evers message seems to be working with his progressive base as he far outraised his opponents to date.  But we can’t overlook the dripping irony of Tony’s call for FREEDOM.

First and foremost, the use of the term FREEDOM in relationship to abortion ignores the obvious fact that an unborn child has no choice in the matter.  There is a clear gap between those on the pro-choice vs pro-life side. Those in favor of abortion believe only one person, the mother, is affected by abortion while pro-life advocates acknowledge the detrimental effect on the unborn child and that child also has rights as a viable person.

Despite abortion and other social issues that liberals would like to push to the forefront, we only need to look back a short time to be reminded of Evers shapeshifting view on freedom. 

On the issue of our Second Amendment, Evers is a hard-liner in stripping those rights.  Who can forget the lockdown he imposed on us for nearly a year before the courts told him he’d overstepped his authority?  Evers ordered our schools and businesses to close.  He even closed our parks and golf courses.  He unnecessarily masked our children until citizens finally pushed back with lawsuits to stop his reign of mandates.  Most notably, the Evers stripped the freedom of thousands of Wisconsinites by forcing them to take a vaccine or jeopardize their employment and economic security.

Tony Evers and his administration imposed the largest seizing and shredding of our freedoms in modern history.  Evers’ record is clear.  When faced with important decision that affect our everyday routine, Evers tends to side with more rules and regulation, more government control and less freedom. 

Politicians often hope that voters have short-term memories, and in the case of liberal politicians with allies in the press, they often try to change the script for expediency.  The recent Covid pandemic was unprecedented, but it should not have been an excuse to throw or liberties to the wayside.  Evers’ dismissive attitude regarding our rights and freedoms should not be forgotten or ignored.