Democrats push for a protest of local pregnancy resource center

Quinn's legislation looks to expand resources to expecting mothers

An unplanned pregnancy can be a frightening proposition for a young woman.  Thankfully there are options for expecting mothers other than terminating the pregnancy.  Family planning and resource centers successfully offer to counsel mothers-to-be rather than pushing for abortion which may lead to regrets. 

State Senator Romaine Quinn’s recently proposed legislation titled “Embrace Them Both” recognized the work of pregnancy resource centers and will offer grants of $1M per year.  Historically, these centers have relied on fundraising to pay nursing staff, rent, and funds to purchase ultrasound equipment.   More about Quinn’s bill package can be read HERE.

Sadly, the pro-abortion industry and its cohorts in the Democrat Party object to counseling centers that might help new mothers make informed choices.  The local Chequamegon chapter of the Democrat Party of Wisconsin in conjunction with a pro-abortion group called ‘Chequamegon Justice’ are planning to protest a fundraiser for Ashland’s Pregnancy Center this upcoming weekend. 

In an email sent from the Chequamegon Dems, they encourage protestors to “make time to take a shift at the park holding banners at the entrance to highlight the issues with these pregnancy centers.”

It begs the question…what issues are they referring to?  Do they have issues with expecting mothers that choose life?  There are many things that should be protested, but it takes a callous soul to protest an organization with a mission to assist expecting mothers.

We encourage you to check out your local pregnancy resource center in Ashland.  If you’re in the area, stop by their summer carnival fundraiser this Sunday, June 11th, or donate online if you’re so inclined.  A link to the Chequamegon Pregnancy Center event can be found at Summer Carnival (